WordSurge is an addicting new take on word games. As bubbles float up, tap them to release the letter inside. Spell words that rhyme for even more points. Keep up with the bubbles or you could run out of air!

Enjoy the high res underwater world with a steampunk theme on your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad.

Unique Features

  • Accelerometer aware
  • Realistic bubble physics
  • Original soundtrack

Addicting Gameplay

  • Earn bonus points for rhyming words
  • World-wide leader board
  • Rich underwater environment

What’s New in Version 1.5.2

— v1.5.2 —
Fixed bug with home screen becoming unusable after tapping How To Play.

— v1.5.1 —
Fixed bug with letters not rendering on retina display and iPad
Fixed bug with power hour achievement awarded even if paused
Fixed bug with score not adding when continuing game
Fixed bug with some words not rhyming
Game will pause if sent to background

— v1.5 —
Added over 360,000 words to the dictionary.
Changed accelerometer code so it can be played on a flat surface.

Improved scoring system and rules:

– Using a word more than once during a game results in a lower score for that word.
– More points are awarded for rare words.
– Cracking your screen won’t break your rhyme or alliteration chains, however it removes caps on bubble speed (ending game sooner).
– Two screen cracks end the game.
– Increased probability of rare letters
– Increased maximum rate of bubbles
– “More bubbles” wheel is now more responsive.
– When a valid word is typed in but not yet submitted, the red button slowly flashes.
– Option to disable music in the Settings app.

Download Wordsurge

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